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ABACO Sistemi s.r.l, computer company formed in 1985 , operates mainly in the field of consulting and IT services for Italian companies (SMEs).In time and ' become Business Partner IBM for System I platform and specializes in installation, maintenance and customization applications ACG - IBMHe made his managerial environment AS400 (PegasoGest) and then a managerial environment WEB (PegasoWEB) .

PegasoGest (ERP platform on IBM System I-) result of experience from the Abaco systems under management, which has allowed companies that use it to speed up their processes predisposing to more advanced solutions in collaboration with their customers / suppliers.

PegasoWeb (E.R.P su piattaforma server Windows) result of experience gained from Abaco systems in management, and management of Web applications with specific modules for E-Commerce, sending documents via e-mail, etc. ..

ABACO Sistemi s.r.l has maintained a connotation of software house client partners in the implementation and customization of customer-specific applications. In this context, it also offers other activities to complete the service to the customer:
Realization of Web sites and e-commerce
Supply of hardware
Design and implementation of the corporate network and the provision of materials needed to implement

ABACO Sistemi s.r.l also structured to be able to hire its applications on dedicated servers that can be used via the web eliminating the customer's responsibility to manage themselves its computer system








is a dynamic and competitive with thirty years experience in the field of office supplies.
And ' able to meet the needs of both technical and commercial, inherent in this division , and offer a wide range of office supplies.
Marketed products cover the entire range of ' Information Technology and' Office Automation .
Founded in 1982 by Alberto Rossi in recent years has undergone corporate reorganizations that took her to be part of a well organized group able to offer its customers a wide range of products and services.
A team of qualified technicians is at your disposal to create the best structure of your office , with an efficient service at your location .
The sales organization is able to provide a service with high quality and courtesy , in order to find the best solution to your business.
Their strong point is definitely the ' program cost per page ' for the intelligent management of the costs of printing and copying . Provide assistance to the resolution of technical problems at any level ( from the handheld to the cluster -server) even in tele-assistance .
Implement security systems to protect customers from accidental data loss , computer intrusions or attacks (viruses, hackers, spam , etc. . ) .
Their combined experience in the continuous search for unconventional solutions enables them to offer the most innovative products . With the other companies of the group, design and implement the infrastructure of the information system : CED , local area networks , departmental networks , wireless networks, network ' LAN over mains ' , IP surveillance systems , telephone networks and IP PBXs .
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ELCO manufactures and distributes electric motors for use in commercial refrigeration and also in heating, ventilation and air conditioning units, this segment is better known as HVAC-R.
LStrategically located with manufacturing facilities in Italy, Brazil and China, with sales offices in Russia, UAE, Singapore, Mexico and Columbia and thanks to a widespread presence in North America, Australia and South Africa granted by being part of the Regal Beloit Corporation, ELCO is selling in more than 80 Countries in the world even through a dense network of local agents and distributors.
LIn 1998 ELCO presented its first electronic commuted motor or ECM, a high efficiency energy saving motor designed for the commercial refrigeration world. If compared to the traditional shaded pole motors or PSC, the efficiency of the ECM motor is definitely higher and can reduce the consumptions up to one-third. This range of motor promptly received the approval of a significant number of food retailers and OEMs, this thanks to the concrete possibility to reduce the energy costs and especially to the several economic benefits that can be generated in the long term. With over 4 million units sold worldwide, the market of these motors is expected to grow, expanding its use to the HVAC market sector.
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Lombardo’s history is based on the continuous communication between installers and designers. All products have been created as optimal solutions to the most common installation requirements, combining aesthetics with the technical ability of our designers and optimising the production techniques, all strictly managed in Italy. The result is a well-known range of safe, reliable, and beautiful products continuously broadened with new creations that ensure consistency of business decisions: wide choice for the system designer, easy installation and durability guarantee for installers.
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OMNIASUN S.R.L. comes from a combination of skills in both traditional spray of tanning, aesthetics and services related to them.
It is proposed as a strategic partner in providing products and services for hairdressers, beauty salons and tanning centers and through its own sales network and through the Internet portal.
Experience, Innovation, combined with great creativity allows us to interpret the messages from the market and turn them into success factors. Company with strong technical skills and know-how work for leading companies in the field of wellness, beauty salons, tanning centers. Our goal is not to provide standard services, but to develop solutions targeted to the specific needs of each customer.
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OFFICINA MECCANICA MOLLIS ANTONIO SRL was born in 1946 in Bergamo and it 'specializes in' the production, processing, cold stamping, punching, pressing and assembly of sheet metal. work sheet in crude steel and pre-painted, galvanized steel, carbon steel, aluminum and alloys. within the plant carry out the activity 'of deep drawing on particular aesthetic proposing as a leader in the production of pieces of various sizes, prefabricated electrical distribution, parts of appliances, ventilation components and metal parts for the automotive.
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COROZITE started its activity in 1931 in San Paolo d'Argon, in the province of Bergamo, presenting itself in a short time as an efficient production reality in the production of urea buttons for men's clothing classic cut.
After a steady development company that has led the company to be recognized as a landmark in its own area of ​​expertise, in 2007 there was a change: Corozite is purchased by BAP, a leading company in the field of buttons and accessories of high quality.
The result of this business operation is immediately clear: a product offering even more rich and full, great flexibility and sharing of highly specific skills.
Among Corozite and BAP is a perfect synergy creates fast: it is easy to look positively to the future.
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Company specializes in designing and manufacturing of clothing and household line
Belonging to the group Zambaiti, one of the largest industrial groups in the Italian textile, operates with twenty years of experience in this sector allowing them to take some years of activity real "patner-ship" with countless foreign suppliers, in turn, among the most qualified, structured and, in some cases, even "certified" on the entire international scene.
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SB Services Ltd. is a company manufacturing services (assembly and customization) and logistics (receiving, handling, storing and shipping merchandise) for manufacturing companies